Are you really ready to harvest this fall?

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DSC_0460_edited2Looking out over the fields you planted this spring is a satisfying experience to see that with great weather and timely rainfall the corn and beans look fantastic. Hay crops were also excellent. It’s time to go through the harvesting equipment, and make sure everything is tuned up and ready to go. Repairs and maintenance will ensure a great harvest season ahead.

But wait a second…. 

Did you take some time to do some planning before the chopper is in the field this year?

The harvest equipment is ready, but what about your storage capacity and facilities?

Is everything cleaned out well with no piles of spoiled feed laying around to infect the clean new crop?

How about the pad or the bunker floor and walls? Are they in good repair so there are no blowouts after filling and packing? Is the pad in good condition and repair so you do not tear it up during feedout?

If there are no issues, you’re ready to go!

Hold on again….

Did you order your Pro-Store Forage Inoculants from ANC?  You can’t skip out on adding inoculants and suffer dry matter loss.

Did the covering plastic and oxygen barrier arrive yet? What is the plan to get that placed on the pile or bunker this year? Being short of help to cover the pile is a nightmare.

Do you have a plan drawn up for placing the bags this year? Look the area over before getting started to make the best use of the existing area. Do you need to expand the pad area for the bags, so next spring’s wet, muddy ground will not be hinder feeding?

Have your crops reached the proper stage of maturity yet?  Make sure you double check the fields to determine if the silage grain is ready for harvest. If that is done wrong, then the time spent this spring selecting the best hybrid for silage and the money spent to plant and produce the crop will be wasted.

Feed the cows! Do you know how much silage will be needed to chop to have enough silage on hand without running out or needing to cut back drastically before harvest again? The cows really suffered last time that happened in August. Contact your ANC Consultant about planning silage needs for the next 12 months. We’ll help you out with all of your forage planning so you can be sure you’ll have enough for the year with as little dry matter loss and spoilage as possible!

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  1. I am recommending to my customers who are filling bags of corn silage to chose the better or more consistent fields to chop if they have a choice. I am suggesting this to reduce the chances that the starch and fiber levels will be changing as they feed through the bag. If they are feeding a significant level of this feed and it is constantly varying it will be very difficult to have a consistent ration and produce consistent milk. It may not be as much of an issue in bunker silos or larger uprights since the good and poor parts of the field should be blended together to reduce the variation. The tendency is to chop the poor fields and shell the best, but if filling bags that will likely be a poor decision.


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