Ken Ressler and ANC

Ken Ressler has been with ANC since 1991 and is based in Orrville, OH.


What do you like best about being a consultant with ANC?

It has been a good job for me over the years. I like being independent and being my own boss.

What was your biggest hurdle to overcome in order to be successful as an ANC Consultant?

Probably time. It just takes a while to get clientele built up.

Describe a customer who had a problem and what you did to help solve that problem?

Over the years there has been more than one problem, but there has been a number of people whom I have helped. One example is kind of a strange story. The manure was stiff and we couldn’t really figure out why. As we talked about it, we realized that his snaplage had changed quite a bit. It didn’t have much corn, mostly fodder at the bottom of the silo. I had him add shell corn and that took care of the problem. His milk production and components went up!

What do you feel is the key to turning a prospect into a customer?

Well for one, they are going to have to trust you, and developing trust is sometimes a challenge as a new consultant. That’s what we are trying to do – help new consultants. For me, it is very different because I have experience, so it’s easier for me to gain credibility than brand new consultants.

What ANC product(s) have you seen the best results, and what were the results?

We have a good all-around line of products, but I guess I would say the basic ration and TMR base. When I start a new herd that is not using a good quality trace mineral product and we switch to our product, we see better foot health, lower SCC, and shinier hair coats.