Ken Steele and ANC

Ken Steele has been with ANC since 1992 and is based in Creston, OH.ASC_3251

What do you like best about being a consultant with ANC?

I enjoy the self-employment, unlimited income level, and working with cows and my customers.

What was your biggest hurdle to overcome in order to be successful as an ANC Consultant?

The fear of being wrong, rejected, and possibly hurting another’s income.

Describe a customer who had a problem and what you did to help solve that problem?

There are many. I had a customer who left after improvements, and one and a half years later, he came back because his milk production was down 3000 pounds and cows were going down after freshening. I said, “It looks like you have Rumensin in the dry cow diet and not the milk cows.” Even before looking, we hit it right on, and milk production went back up.

What do you feel is the key to turning a prospect into a customer?

Be suggestive and not critical.

What ANC product(s) have you seen the best results, and what were the results?

Micro-MOS. My herds’ milk production went up and it helped build their resistance. Cow Refresher is also an important product.