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More than 25 years ago, Rob Bailey, the past president of Agri-Nutrition Consulting (ANC), knew there was a better way to feed cows. From the beginning, ANC has been based on the core principle of formulating diets that ensure animals are healthy, productive and profitable. ANC continues to be progressive and innovative in an industry that is changing quickly without sacrificing our core principles. These principles have made ANC a leader in the dairy industry. Our customers trust us to deliver the highest quality of service and products that will help make their cows healthier, more productive, and more profitable than ever.

Every consultant working with ANC relies on our commitment to excellence and innovation. We offer what the industry needs, including cutting edge technology, superior product quality and dedicated service and support.

Our solid foundation

As the population grows, the market demand for dairy products will grow too. Dairy farms become larger, and our consultants will be feeding more cows than ever before. To meet this demand, ANC has formed innovative alliances and partnerships with other organizations in the feed industry that share our core values. Together we not only meet consumer demands, but we can all improve, grow and thrive!

What separates ANC from our competition is the value we deliver to our customers. Our clients recognize that utilizing the skills and expertise of our consultants makes them more money than anyone else can. Each consultant offers a unique set of skills, knowledge, talent and abilities that help them solve the problems experienced on the dairy farm. They are more than just ration consultants. Today’s ANC consultant is a dairy management consultant. You will also find our technical team of ration analysts, technical specialists and business managers supporting them. Our team equips the consultants with the tools they can use to increase dairy farmers’ profitability. There are tangible tools, like herd audits, used to measure and collect data, as well as resources that can be drawn upon to deliver more value to the farm, such as goal setting and implementing process improvements.

Going Beyond Tradition Toward the Future

As herd sizes increase, so too does the complexity of the challenges faced on-farm. Our consultants understand the effective management strategies for maintaining or growing a larger herd. Every dairy has its own specific needs and requires trustworthy influencers to evaluate trends and suspects for herd problems. Not only does ANC approach the technical and management issues on farms, we also Go Beyond Nutrition to evaluate all possible decisions and how they will impact the farm’s profitability. Our consultants are great sounding boards for bouncing ideas off of and for assisting with the decision-making process.

Improving profitability through advanced technology, innovative products and skilled people are what enable ANC to lead the industry today. If you are new to ANC, come discover our commitment to excellence. For those of you that have worked with an ANC consultant in the past, we invite you to come back and take another look. As you will see, after more than 25 years, we are still in the business of looking after the needs of our customers. Our primary goal is to help the customer make the best management and nutrition decisions for their farms and keep their business profitable into the future.

Building profitbale herds

So I invite you: “Come see Agri-Nutrition Consulting LLC again, for the first time.”

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