Switching to ANC Proves Successful

Switching to ANC Proves Successful
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Congratulations to Ray Manning and Sons and their ANC Independent Consultant Bob Lange on their recent achievement of over 25,000 RHA.  When the Manning’s started working with Bob in February of 2009, they had a 18,447 RHA, with 657 Fat, 566 Protein and a 445 SCC.

Now, after less than four years, the Manning’s have achieved a 25,154 RHA, with 861 Fat, 756 Protein and a SCC of 118.

The Manning’s have been very pleased with the results they have been seeing on the ANC program and is confident in Bob’s consulting style.  “We switched to ANC because of our consultant, Bob. He is here at the farm more often and is more current. He keeps us up-to-date and knowledgeable but doesn’t push us to use any products we don’t want to use.”

Keep up the great work Ray Manning and Sons!


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