Cow Refresher



The bucket beverage fresh cows choose… giving them that added boost!


What is Cow Refresher?

Cow Refresher is a highly palatable energy source for fresh cows. It is an easy-to-use, water-soluble mix containing glucose, calcium, vitamins, trace minerals, and electrolytes.


What does Cow Refresher do for the cow?

  • Provides quick energy for the cow to lower risk of ketosis.
  • Provides a highly available source of calcium.
  • Aids in rehydration.
  • Supports the immune system through specific micro-nutrients.
  • Replaces critical electrolytes that are lost during calving.
  • Contains a combination of lactose, sucrose and dextrose sources that increase blood glucose and insulin function.
  • Easily dissolves in water and stays mixed.
  • Excellent palatability and convenient.
  • Is a proven product with years of successful use.
  • Enhances any fresh cow and can make a positive contribution to your bottom line!


What do ANC customers think of Cow Refresher?

“We don’t ever plan on running out of Cow Refresher. The extra fluids in it are really what the cows need. They will leave the calf and go straight for the Cow Refresher.”
– Randy, Reed and Ranae Holthaus of AR-Line Dairy

“Since we’ve used Cow Refresher, the cows haven’t skipped a beat with eating. Starting the pre-fresh on ANC was the best thing we’ve ever done.”
– Mic-Ali Farms, Mike and Alicia Haag


Cow Refresher features

  • Green color!
  • Packaged in convenient 25 lb. buckets  for easy storage and resealing.
  • Contains Sucrose, Lactose, and Dextrose sugar sources. These sugar sources work in synergy to provide more energy to the cow!
  • Fresh cows are at a high risk for dehydration. Cow Refresher has a guaranteed level of electrolytes to promote hydration.
  • Fresh cows have a sudden increase in potassium demands, beyond what their diet supplies. Cow Refresher contains an additional 15 grams of potassium.
  • Magnesium plays a role in preventing milk fevers. Cow Refresher supplies 7.5 grams of magnesium to the fresh cow.
  • Cow Refresher contains vitamins A, D and E. Supplemental vitamins may stimulate dry matter intake in fresh cows.
  • Cow Refresher dissolves fast in water and the cows love to drink it!
  • Fresh cows require high level of calcium to produce milk. Cow Refresher contains 60 grams of highly available calcium.


Contact an ANC Consultant to learn more about Cow Refresher!