IDEAL Calf Program

ANC’s IDEAL Calf Program is based off of the following IDEAL Goals for Calves.  The program was developed so that calves hit all of the IDEAL goal benchmarks by weaning.

IDEAL Goals_website


To help reach these goals, the IDEAL Calf Program includes the following products: 

Calf Armor 150 – Maternal colostrum replacer containing NeoTec4™ and First Defense Technology® and fortified with highly digestible fats, vitamins, and chelated trace minerals.

Calf Power Shield – Supplement for strengthening the immune system that promotes healthy gut development, enriched with natural, specialized egg proteins.

IDEAL 28-15 Milk Replacer – Milk replacer containing 28% protein / 15% fat and only 7% ash

IDEAL 22-18 Milk Replacer – Milk replacer containing 22% protein / 18% fat and only 7% ash


Contact an ANC Consultant to learn more about the IDEAL Calf Program!