Is Consulting for Me?

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Pursuing a career as an Independent Dairy Consultant can be a richly rewarding experience, from both an earnings and a personal satisfaction perspective. If you haven’t considered Independent Dairy Consulting as a career, maybe it’s time to explore what this profession has to offer.

It’s about choices.

Each week, I come in contact with people who work with dairy farmers, feed manufacturers and ingredient suppliers, and I am frequently asked, “Why would a career as an Independent Dairy Consultant work for me?” The unspoken question really is, “How could I possibly imagine working for myself instead of another company?”

No two people are alike, so my answers may vary depending upon what I know about the person.  However, many of the reasons to choose one career over the other relates to consistent organizational traits of self-employment versus working for a specific employer.  Which choice is right for you is dependent upon the significance of the independent consulting proposition.

If you are interested in Independent Dairy Consulting, here are some things to consider:

  • Work/Life Balance
  • Income Potential
  • Risk
  • Personal Development
  • Pursuing Your Passion


Work/Life Balance

I once heard, “My job is what I do, but it does not completely define who I am.”  For most of us, family, friends and faith come before anything else.  Finding harmony in one’s work/life balance is often a key reason why someone chooses to become a consultant. Now, it is not the size of the company or the hours worked that influences balance per se.  Rather, the scale of the problem is a function of individual managers and corporate culture that dictates priorities.

Working for oneself inherently has periods of work/life imbalance simply because you are doing all the work.  And many of the self- employed fail to seek balance. Countering these facts is the point that you control the schedule. You dictate what time you start work and what time you end work. This allows you to accommodate personal commitments and responsibilities by setting your priorities on what matters most to you.

Income Potential

Brace yourself. Fixed income does not mean guaranteed income. Working for a feed company, you exchange your time and talents for money. How often in our industry though do companies get purchased by someone bigger?  Of course the talent at the bigger company is “better” and the management team knows “more.” However, shortly after the acquisition, you find yourself looking for a new job. As an Independent Dairy Consultant, your income potential is based on how you utilize your skills and knowledge to help dairy producers. The more cows you touch, the more milk you make a farm, the more problems you solve, the more money you make! The profit is yours, so the sky is the limit.


I know what you’re thinking, “If I go into business for myself, everything relies on me. What if I fail?”  Not many of us approach the day planning to fail, and we shouldn’t approach our careers planning failure either. Are you driven? Are you passionate for dairy? Do you want to see dairy producers profitable? If you answered yes, then you are already on the path to success. When you are accountable to yourself, you will make the blueprint for how your business will grow. Aligning your business with the right partners furthers broadens your course and strengthens what you can offer your clients.

Personal Development

Nobody knows you like you know yourself. Employee training shouldn’t stop because you choose to be self-employed. Working for yourself allows you to control where you go for knowledge and how you apply that to your future growth. Have you ever sat in a corporate training session wondering if the trainer has ever visited “the real world”? Many dairy industry organizations offer education and training sessions, especially during the winter months. Take advantage of what they have to offer.

Pursue Your Passion

Passion is a word that is thrown around all the time when speaking of success. It is difficult to take risks if your drive is not fueled by passion. A lack of passion leads to procrastination. Immersing yourself in what you do, working hard and feeding that fire inside will push you farther than before. The quality of your work improves, your clients benefit from the value you provide, and this will lead to more referrals and a greater income potential.

Does this sound interesting to you?  Taking the first step is challenging, but it may just set you on the way to an exciting, new career. Learn more about how to become a consultant here.



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