Join Us in Going Beyond for Dairy!

Join Us in Going Beyond for Dairy!
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World Dairy Expo is right around the corner.  This year ANC has some big plans to share with you.  We will be rolling out our brand new look, with the initiative to “go beyond nutrition” for farmers and for the dairy industry.

As we are getting ready to roll-out our new look at World Dairy Expo, we wanted to spread the word about what we feel especially passionate about.  Going beyond nutrition, and going beyond for the dairy industry.

You can help us spread the word by participating in our “I go beyond for dairy” campaign.  We want to showcase all of the ways farmers “go beyond for dairy,” to open the conversation between consultants and farmers about working together to create management programs, practices, and solutions that work best for each individual farms’ needs.

We especially hope this campaign will bring awareness to those that may not be as familiar with today’s farming practices about the many ways farmers care for their animals every day, while providing safe and nutritious food for the world!

Join the conversation online by using the hashtag #Igobeyondfordairy and mention @ANCAgNutrition, OR share your own photos, thoughts, and stories to  Let’s spread the word about how farmers go beyond everyday to care for their animals!



Gary Eibergen of Merryvale Farms from Granton, WI goes beyond for dairy by giving each calf the individualized care they need and deserve. How do you #gobeyondfordairy?

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