Kevin Buttles, Dairy Technical Specialist

ButtlesAs Dairy Technical Specialist for ANC, Kevin Buttles, M.A.T., P.A.S. uses his observation skills to draw out strengths and opportunities that he sees on-farm and will implement ways to deliver success for the farmer and ANC Consultants.

Prior to coming to ANC, Kevin was a Dairy Specialist for Land O’Lakes and local cooperatives in Northeast Wisconsin for over 26 years.  He has held multiple sales and tech roles, providing support to other sales professionals in his market.  During his tenure, Kevin held a position as a Dairy Enterprise Consultant, specializing in nutrition and management, business and financial management, and milk quality and milking equipment. This role required a constant search of the barriers that limit production and then providing the appropriate solutions that break down those barriers and improve profitability of the operation.

Kevin understands the importance that high forage quality, good cow comfort, and excellent transition cow programs has in maintaining healthy cows and achieving the high production performance we expect from our cows today. He is known for implementing sound transition cow programs that fit producers’ current situations and meet the cows’ needs.

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