Our Team

Name Position Contact
Adam Klever, P.A.S General Manager Email Adam See Adam's Bio
Jay Hoffman Assistant General Manager Email Jay See Jay's Bio
Dan O’Reilly Director of Sales Email Dan¬†See Dan's Bio
Nutrition and Technical Services
Anne Proctor, PhD Dairy Technical Specialist Email Anne See Anne's Bio
Burt Kullhem Dairy Technical Specialist Email Burt See Burt's Bio
Kevin Buttles, M.A.T., P.A.S. Dairy Technical Specialist Email Kevin See Kevin's Bio
Marco Lopez Technical Specialist/Nutrition Consultant Email Marco See Marco's Bio
Ron Meyer Senior Ration Analyst Email Ron See Ron's Bio
Scott Smith Senior Ration Analyst Email Scott See Scott's Bio
Mike Hendricks Ration Analyst Email Mike See Mike's Bio
Jada Ellefson Dairy Consultant Email Jada See Jada's Bio
Megan Weigel Dairy Consultant Email Megan See Megan's Bio
Marketing Department
Connie Eibergen Marketing Specialist Email Connie See Connie's Bio
Office Support
David Inselman
Accounting Assistant Email David See David's Bio