Marco Lopez – Nutrition Consultant and Technical Specialist

IMG_4360Location: Madison, WI


Cell Phone: 605-655-4171


To provide quality consulting services to help producers advance forward to reach the next level of profitability, animal health and employee performance through innovative solutions, results-proven products and the most up-to-date technical information and training.

Services Available:

  • Feed/feeder management and training
  • Parlor management and milk quality
  • Reproductive/fresh cow and hospital cow evaluation
  • Cow comfort and cow cooling
  • Maternity and calving
  • Calf raising
  • Access to a bilingual dairy
  • Technical employee training and development


I grew up around my grandparents’ dairy farm in central Mexico. In 1991, I moved to the state of Washington where I had the opportunity to continue working on dairies while attending high school and college. After graduating from Washington State University with a B.S. degree in Animal Sciences, I worked in central Minnesota and western Michigan as a dairy Territory/Market Manager. Prior to moving back to the Pacific Northwest, I worked as a Dairy Specialist providing technical support to a team of Sales Managers, dairy producers with herd size ranging from 75 cows to multiple-site operations with 10,000+ cows and agribusiness across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Western Europe and the Caribbean.

Education/Continuing Education

Washington State University, B.S. in Animal Sciences with dairy production management emphasis. I continue to participate and update my technical knowledge by attending local, regional and national nutrition conferences as well as staying active with groups such as the National Mastitis Council, Dairy Cattle Reproductive Council, American Dairy Science Association, University Extension and local dairy management groups.

Other Information:

I live in Madison, WI with my wife Nancy and our baby daughter Josephine.