PDPW: Committing to Advancement in the Dairy Industry

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Changes are taking place everywhere. The atmosphere in the agricultural industry is experiencing rapid development as well, and farmers will not be left behind. Groups like the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW) unite dairy producers by providing resources, training and industry events to help prepare them for the future. PDPW has members in more than 18 states totaling approximately 1,600 producers.

Dairy farmers take pride in caring for their animals to the highest standards. Whether through nutrition companies like ANC, professional organizations like PDPW or news outlets such as Progressive Dairyman, farmers utilize these resources and tools to improve ways to care for their animals, develop their business and prepare for the future.

PDPW strives to provide hands-on education sessions, training tools, networking opportunities and valuable resources to enhance the success of the dairy industry. PDPW provides members with a plethora of opportunities to help develop their farms and business practices. The group is committed to furthering the dairy industry as a whole, which is one reason ANC is a corporate member of the organization.

ANC supports PDPW’s mission of helping create success for dairy farmers. Whether through industry events like the Annual Business Conference held each March or the mentorship program for aspiring dairy farmers, PDPW has a unique program to advance the dairy industry. ANC values its stake in the progress of the dairy industry, specifically through dairy cattle nutrition.

The dairy industry has a bright future because of organizations like PDPW. ANC is proud to support both dairy farmers and groups like PDPW.

Visit PDPW at www.pdpw.org to learn more.



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