At ANC our focus is to Go Beyond Nutrition.  We understand that there are numerous small management details that must come together to help our customers achieve their goals.  Our focus is on providing a very high level of service and expertise. However, our commitment to Go Beyond Nutrition demands that we provide the highest quality products to our customers. Therefore, we have very high criteria for the products that we offer to our customers; we use a production evaluation and selection method called the 5-Rs performance criteria. The “5-Rs” are as follows:

  • Response: To be part of our product line-up, a product must demonstrate that it will elicit a positive change in animal performance.
  • Repeatability: The responses our products promise must be repeatable in a wide variety of settings and circumstances.
  • Return: The products must offer a positive return on our customer’s investment in them. In other words, they must make money for the end user.
  • Research: Our products are backed by unbiased university research. We demand proof that a product and the concepts behind the product will perform before it enters our product line-up.
  • Reliability: We demand that our suppliers provide us with a product that will be consistent, so every time our customers use the product, they have the same experience.

ANC offers several products, sold by our Independent Consultants.  Contact ANC or your ANC Consultant for more information.

We offer a wide variety of:

Dairy Products

Beef Products

Calf and Heifer Products