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In the first few days of life, calves encounter metabolic and digestive stresses as they change environments and make the transition to a milk diet.  Ensure a healthy start by providing a boost of electrolytes to help support immune system development. BlueLite C helps to rehydrate calves by proving electrolytes, multiple energy sources, and acidification to help promote a healthy digestive environment. BlueLite C can be administered with milk products to enhance digestion and utilization, and has been proven an effective and easy way to ensure that young calves maintain hydration balance.

Calves have minimal reserves of fat, energy and electrolytes and are unable to digest complex forms of energy and protein. Provide acidified electrolytes and readily digestible energy by adding BlueLite C to the calf’s diet.  At the first sign of dehydration or loss of energy provide BlueLite C and continue until normal consumption returns.  As a method of scours prevention, administer BlueLite C for the first 7-10 days of life with milk products.  For many years, producers have relied on the proven success of BlueLite C to quickly hydrate young calves and to promote optimum results.

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