Calf Armor 150

Calf Armor 150 2014

ANC Calf Armor 150 is a colostrum replacer that provides calves with key nutrients while optimizing calf health. It contains a minimum of 150g of bovine globulin protein collected from 1st and 2nd milkings of select Midwest and Northeast US Grade A dairies. Calf Armor 150 is formulated with highly digestible fats, vitamins and chelated trace minerals and is free from all major colostral transmissible diseases. It is the first colostrum replacer product on the market to contain First Defense Technology and NeoTec 4.

Advantages of using ANC Calf Armor 150

• Protection

• Offers calves 150g of globulin protein per feeding.

• Contains up to 50% more globulin proteins than other products on the market.

• Convenient

• Easy mixing allows effortless and complete administration.

• Quick delivery to calf, especially when born at inopportune times.

• Contains First Defense Technology & NeoTec4

• Save time and money by combining the benefits of these products into one step!

• Bio secure and Consistent

• Provides a clean, safe 1st feeding.

• Collected only from carefully selected Midwest and Northeast Grade A dairies.











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