Calf Power Shield

Calf Power Shield 2014

Stop scours before they start. 

"My name is Cinnamon.  I'm going to grow up big and strong because I have the power of Calf Power Shield."

Give your calves the protection and strength of Calf Power Shield.

Calf Power Shield is a supplement enriched with natural, specialized egg proteins needed for maintaining a healthy start for calves by strengthening the immune system and promoting healthy gut development. Calf Power Shield supports the calf in cases of intestinal disturbance and leads to increased vitality. Add to milk or milk replacer for calves under 21 days of age to protect calves until their own fully functioning immune system has developed.

 More immune protection = Healthier calves, Less scours and Reduced rearing costs for the producers!

More complete protection.

  • Targeted egg proteins provide nutritional support for young calves when they are most susceptible.
  • Contains functional innovations backed by science.  Contact us for more information.
  • Complete protection allows Calf Power Shield to be proactive, lessening the need for nutraceuticals and/or antibiotics that provide therapy for digestive upsets.

Contact your ANC Consultant for more information on Calf Power Shield!

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