Calf Renew

Calf-Renew-BottleCalf Renew™ is offered in a bolus capsule for young dairy and beef calves. This product contains high levels of lactic acid producing bacteria, digestive enzymes, essential oil and fungal additives. Calf Renew has shown to improve calf performance and reduce the time and number of treatments
required during scouring events. Calf Renew w/ STEALTH 5 should not be used before three (3) days of age.

Bolus form – easy to administer to young calves, select only those in need.
Digestive enzymes – combines live and natural occurring microorganisms shown to enhance environment of GI tract.
Natural – provides pure, natural essential oils, antibacterial, specific for pre-weaned calves.
Nutraceuticals – includes mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) that support a balance of microflora to improve overall health and well being.

Improved performance – increases enzyme activity resulting in improved average daily gain, improved starter intake and feed efficiency.
Fermentation metabolites – shown to improve weight gain and feed efficiency and improves intestinal microflora.
Reduced morbidity – less instance and severity of scours.
Convenient – easy to administer, small bolus for young calf offering multiple applications.


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