IDEAL 22-18

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IDEAL 22-18 is an all-milk milk replacer for dairy heifers and dairy beef calves with higher protein, lower fat, and lower ash than traditional 20-20 formulas that has shown advantageous results in feed efficiency, dry matter intake, frame growth, tissue development, immunity, attitude, profitability, and lifetime production. Contains Bovatec®, ClariFly®, and Stealth 5®.
22% protein and 18% fat milk replacer is a more desirable composition than traditional 20-20 blends to build muscle, bone, and immunity while
also promoting starter and water intake. This balanced formula provides a great opportunity for feed efficiency, dry matter intake, and profitability.
Only safe high-quality ingredients that go through a rigorous quality assurance process are used in production. Blending several sources of high quality products allows for a consistent and superior product. Every ingredient is tested before use and every batch is tested before leaving the facility.

ANC IDEAL 22-18 Low-Ash Calf milk Replacer Contains

  • Only 7% ash, all-milk proteins, and highly digestible fats.
  •  ClariFly Larvicide – a feed-through fly control ingredient.
  • Bovatec – a coccidiostat that promotes feed intake, feed efficiency, and disease control.
  • Stealth 5 – interferes with pathogens binding to host tissue and improves overall immune function and gut health.

The Low-Ash Milk Replacer Advantage

  • Calf milk replacers have the same basic formula: Protein+Fat+Lactose+Ash+Moisture=100%. Sources and percentages of these ingredients greatly impact the quality of the final product, performance of the calf, and overall profit potential.
  • IDEAL 28-15 does not use de-lactose, a lower quality and higher sodium source of lactose. Therefore, making the IDEAL a 7% ash formula.
  • Ash is important as it contains minerals the calf needs to support healthy development, however more ash in a formula means less lactose, and therefore, less energy. Feeding amounts of mineral in excess of the requirements, especially sodium, chloride, and potassium, causes cellular dehydration and uses energy to perform this biological process.
  • Excessive salt intake can limit dry matter intake, cause diarrhea and abdominal pain, and several more severe symptoms involving the gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system.
  • Formulating milk replacers with only the level of ash necessary for proper development provides more digestible energy to the calf, along with improvements in hydration, attitude, intakes, and health.

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