Bovine BlueLite

Bovine BlueLite Snippet

Convenient delivery of hydration support is essential for both herd health and performance during stressful events such as heat stress and freshening.

Bovine BlueLite is a palatable and buffered source of electrolytes that includes potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium to name a few. Combined with energy sources like dextrose, sucrose, fructose and others, Bovine BlueLite Pellets provides the nutrients necessary to help recover from dehydration and help restore cow health for reproduction, milk production and averting many metabolic issues. For instance, Bovine BlueLite contains betaine, an osmolyte that helps to maintain cell volume and fluid balance thereby helping improve protein synthesis, cell division and maintain gut integrity. And finally, Bovine BlueLite is vitamin fortified with antioxidant vitamins necessary for combatting toxins. Bovine BlueLite is available as a powder and pellet.

Use of Bovine BlueLite

  • To encourage dry matter and water intake Product Image
  • To maintain hydration
  • During hot weather and heat stress events
  • During a change in feeding programs
  • During transit
  • Health challenges, such as pneumonia, systemic mastitis, toxic metritis, post surgery, and winter dysentery
  • After hypertonic saline use
  • To keep fresh cows eating and drinking
  • During shows for top performance

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