Mineral/Add-in Products

Bovi-TMC – A product that provides organic trace minerals (iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and cobalt) shown to be more bio-available than inorganic mineral forms. Bovi-TMC specific combination of chelated trace minerals shown to improve immune function, enhance fertility rate, provides higher dietary nutrients needed for health and milk quality, and to strengthen hooves for better livestock mobility.

Dairy Base LXT – A vitamin/trace mineral product designed to be used in TMR’s as a direct additive or in a supplement mix fed to lactating dairy cows.

Dairy HP Bio – A supplemental stress product designed for higher producing cows in early lactation and for prefresh rations. Dairy HP Bio includes Niacin, Organic Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Live Bacteria, Live Cell Yeast and Yeast Cultures, Vitamins, Enzymes, Fermentation Products, and Trace Minerals.

Dairy Base O – A multi-purpose product for dairy cows with a substantial increase of organic trace minerals and high vitamin levels. It is reviewed and approved for use in organic dairy production.

Dairy Base J – A Vitamin/trace mineral product that is primarily formulated for lower dry matter intakes, with lower trace mineral and selenium levels.  The copper levels are below 20 ppm, so this product is ideal for Jersey herds.

Dairy MOS DFM – A combination of yeast cultures that aid in digestion, feed utilization, and increased appetite. This results in more usable energy for milk production and weight gain.

Dairy TMR – A magnesium supplement fortified with potassium, sulfur, and trace minerals that is routinely used in the ANC ration balancing program to meet magnesium requirements.

Heifer Base Plus R – A preventative measure to reduce incidence of hairy heel warts/digital dermatitis.

Micro MOS -A combination of MOS, biotin, and enzymes that aid in digestion, feed utilization and increased appetite. This results in more usable “energy” for milk production and maintenance of body condition.

Micro NRG Plus – A combination of bacteria and live cell yeast that aid in digestion, feed utilization, and increased appetite, resulting in more usable “energy” for milk production and weight gain.

Micro NRG Plus- Biotin – Contains the same blend of proprietary ingredients as Micro NRG Plus, with the addition of 20 mgs per head per day of biotin, a B-vitamin that research has shown increase in milk yield and improves hoof health.

Ration-All Base – A vitamin/trace mineral product designed to be used in TMR’s as a direct additive in a supplement mix fed to lactating dairy cows.  It provides the complete requirement of all trace minerals, including selenium and iodine, and offers vitamins A, D, E, and a full complement of B-complex vitamins.

Scentinol-Max – Scentinol-Max is designed to support rumen and intestinal health, and enhance rumen efficiency. This crumbled product provides Aromax™ natural essential oils, yeast culture, and flavor enhancers to maximize animal performance, and maintain healthy rumen pH and Volatile Fatty Acid (VFA) balance.

Stabilizer Plus – Formulated to improve the bunk life of rations and the storage stability of mixed feeds. Stabilizer Plus contains hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate (flow agent) and high-quality mold inhibitor blend. This combination is designed to extend bunk life of rations and improve storage stability and feedout of mixed feeds, for a more consistent feed intake and animal performance.

Superb L – Used in lactating dairy cows to supply B-vitamins and minerals. This formulation is a unique blend of methionine, antioxidants, biotin and other B-vitamins. Field and research trials have shown Superb L to increase milk and component production, stimulate intake, and strengthen immune system.

Superb T – Used in transition dairy cows to supply encapsulated B-vitamins and chromium. This product provides choline, folic acid, riboflavin, chromium, by-pass protein and yeast culture. This unique blend addresses the stress of calving and the metabolic disorders associated with fat metabolism.

ULTMT-Blend – A flavor, antioxidant and flow agent product for livestock containing antioxidants that are shown to reduce mold growth and help support immune function, anti-caking properties that provide flowability of meal feeds in bins, and vitamins and minerals to stimulate appetite.