Pro-Store Forage Inoculants


Why use Pro-Store Forage Inoculants:

Reduce dry matter loss: By reducing dry matter loss by 4%, there are 40 tons of additional forage in a 1000 ton bunker.

  • Faster fermentation, increased lactic acid, more available energy: Research shows that Pro-Store treated forage has produced as much lactic acid in 4 days as untreated forage had in 90 days! Pro-Store treated forage provides fermentation insurance, as various temperatures and harvesting conditions can cause significant fluctuation in bacterial levels. Feeding treated forages reduces production drop when switching to different silos or bunkers!
  • Increased dry matter intake and improved feed efficiency: Better quality forages and grains lead to higher DMI. For each 1 pound of additional DMI we can expect an increase of 2 to 2.5 pounds of milk production per cow per day.
  • Increased milk production: Research trials show increased milk production when feeding treated forages vs. untreated with similar dry matter intake
  • Longer bunk life: Forages treated with Pro-Store undergo a stable fermentation which reduces free nitrogen ammonia and water soluble carbohydrates. This controlled fermentation also reduces pH and increases lactic acid. Forages stay fresh and palatable longer after exposure to air whether in storage or after removal. This is especially critical on farms with bunker silos, piles, bags, and total mixed rations.
  • Reduced wasted feed: Dairy farmers will have less feed to dispose of due to molds or spoilage when forages are treated with Pro-Store!


Pro-Store Products:

Pro-Store WS: A water soluble inoculant used to promote a fast and efficient fermentation while helping to extend the bunk life of all high moisture forages. Including: Alfalfa and Grass Haylage, Wheatlage, Ryelage, Pealage, Oatlage, and many others. Treats 250 ton of forage.

Pro-Store WSB: A water soluble silage inoculant containing lactobacillus buchneri and Pediococcus strains, which is used to improve bunk life of corn silage and high moisture corn. 500 gram jar treats 250 ton of corn silage or 165 tons of high moisture corn.

Pro-Store WSC: a water soluble inoculant used to promote a fast and efficient fermentation while helping to extend the bunk life of corn silage. 270 gram jar treats 250 ton of corn silage.

Pro-Store DH –  a storage enhancing product for dry hay and certain high moisture forages and grains. The Potassium Sorbate inhibits against mold and yeast. While the BHT minimizes harmful bacterial growth, reducing rancidity, and butyric acid. Besides using on dry hay, Pro-Store DH can be used on fermented forages and grains, where oxygen exposure could lead to spoilage.

Pro-Store 0.3 and 1/T – A forage fermentation and storage aid in dry granular form. Recommended for all types of high moisture forage.


What other farmers think about Pro-Store:

“Last year we used Pro-Store WSB with buchneri on not only our high moisture corn, but also our corn silage. It has made a huge difference in the life of my corn silage.” – Ray Manning, Iowa

“Pro-Store works! We’ve used many different products, but Pro-Store works quicker than any other products. It makes better silage!” -Sidney Nolt, Pennsylvannia


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